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Terminal Food Shopping Mall

Terminal Food shopping center is located in the Solomensky district of Kiev at 5, Kirpy street, total area 5,620 sq.m. It is part of the multi-functional complex of the same name. The developers, as well as owners and holders of assets, are legal entities Fort Market, LLC. and Fort Rielt LLC. Today, the trading zone is represented by a wide range of trade services, including the NOVUS supermarket, the Italian restaurant "Semifreddo", the Georgian restaurant "Mama Manana", the beer restaurant "3b Café Republic" and the Japanese restaurant "Menya Musashi". The health protection and medicine is covered by the “AstraDent” dental clinic. We invite tenants to cooperate, space for rent is still available in the shopping center.


The NOVUS chain has been successfully operating in Ukraine since 2008. Based on the results of 2015, its turnover was UAH4.8 billion. NOVUS is an investment project of the Lithuanian holding BT INVEST (Vilnius). The network is an excellent example of the implementation of the European approach to building retail business on the retail market in Ukraine. The NOVUS trademark (supermarkets and hypermarkets) and NOVUS Express (convenience stores) are managed by NOVUS UKRAINE. Currently, 39 modern stores of various formats with the trading area of 800 to 7,000 sq.m. are successfully operating under the NOVUS brand. One of them is located in the Terminal Food shopping center.


The chain of Astra Dent dental clinics is a recognized leader in Ukraine. It was founded in 2005 and currently has 8 offices. The clinic offers surgical, orthodontic, therapeutic, orthopedic, aesthetic dentistry, prosthetics services to its clients. It employs over 60 qualified doctors and has the latest equipment, modern technologies and European service. Astra Dent clinics provide a full range of various services in the field of dental medicine and are oriented towards the highest level of service and maximum customer satisfaction.


Semifreddo is part of the "La Famiglia" chain and consists of ten restaurants offering Italian, Georgian and Ukrainian cuisine. The brand "La Famiglia" includes "Bigoli", "Toscana Gril", "Piccolino", "Vero Vero", "Vino e Cucina", "Trattoria Zucca", "Molto Bene" restaurants, as well as others. The restaurant chain keeps coming up with new concepts. The ambition to grow is the main motivating factor for translating new ideas into reality. The “La Famiglia” brand keeps surprising its customers by opening new places that may be of interest to everyone.


MAMA MANANA is an independent and unique project founded in 2012. The owners and creators of MAMA MANANA already have a successful business - the Chachapuri Georgian restaurant. The Kakhetian chef Paata Kuchava manages the kitchen of both places. Thanks to the Georgian chef, the restaurant has received a wide support from Kyiv's gourmets. The restaurant is distinguished by delicious compliments for each guest. For authenticity, the menu is duplicated in Georgian and contains options for the cost of meals in Georgian lari - Georgian national currency.

Menya Musashi

The Musashi chain includes 836 restaurants worldwide. In Japan, it is included in the rating "10 ramen shops in Tokyo worth visiting", occupying an honorary second place. Ramen turned from food of Japanese working quarters to the world cultural phenomenon in just a couple of decades. Of course, such a rapid success would have been impossible without ramen shops, which popularized the dish among Europeans and Americans. At the moment, the Menya Musashi network is represented in Kiev by three restaurants in the main shopping centers of the capital, including a restaurant in the Terminal Food shopping center.

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Poshtak Miroslava

Request information about the availability of vacant space in the Terminal Food shopping center. We will be happy to answer all questions related to renting the sales area in our center, give a personal consultation and organize a presentation specially for you. An extensive list of businesses is an indisputable proof of the successful location of the shopping complex. We invite you for cooperation and propose to become our partner.


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